Bespoke Suit

Bespoke tailoring is an art and TML is specialised in this premium finesse. Our dexterity suits personify perfect gentlemen’s British elegance and modern British cut. At TML tailors all our suits are handmade in England and our work is the combination of contemporary and traditional tailoring expertise. Many tailors will only show you a set number of options; whereas, we design according to your style and personality to make you feel special when you wear them.

When investing in a good piece of clothing, you deserve to get what you’ve paid for. Nothing is more disappointing than to learn that it doesn’t meet your desired expectations; therefore, TML promises to meet your expectations and equate with price tag.

TML tailors follow the following bespoke suit making stages:

First Stage:

At this stage you will choose the fabric and a great detail of measurements are taken. Your measurements will be taken by an experienced cutter at TML tailors.

Second Stage:

In the second stage you see the first draft where the cutter will access your measurements and fittings with you.

Third Stage:

This is the most advanced stage of bespoke tailoring where your suit is almost complete according to your selected style and measurements.

The fourth/final appointment:

This is the final stage where we ensure your suit is ready to wear.

Bespoke Shirts

At TML tailors bespoke shirts are entirely made in England. TML team of expert artisans paint your vision into reality with immense care and dedication in every step of the way. After this long meticulous process we create the finest shirt with perfection and precision. We have a wide spectrum of designs of felt collars, cuff styles, stitching, linings, buttons and pockets and choice of embroidery. Each and every stitch is inspected for perfection and every button is made with a button shank. Therefore, TML bespoke shirts add augmented value to your style.

Our exclusively designed shirts are processed through the following stages:

First Stage:

The first stage is comprised of selection of fabrics and taking of measurements to have your shirt designed uniquely.

Second Stage:

In the second stage you are invited to check the fitting.

Third Stage:

In the final stage your bespoke shirt is ready for collection.

Ready to wear Suits

Check out our extensive collection of ready to wear suits created with zest and zeal. The collection is comprised of myriad styles and design options to fit you. We understand the importance of off the peg suits; therefore, we ensure that it adds value to your wardrobe. During the preparation of these suits we use our master tailoring experience to attain the best fabrics, buttons, collars and stitching.

Ready to wear Shirts

At TML London we have an exquisite range of men and women’s shirts. This exclusive range brings you formal shirts, business shirts, causal shirts, special occasion shirts.

Bespoke Dress

TML Tailors’ acumen brings romance and individuality to your bespoke dress. Whether we are commissioned to design for a special occasion or an event, we ensure that every garment designed by us should be remarkably unique, exclusive and elegant. We provide bespoke dress solutions for both men and women.


TML tailors provide the following accessories:

  • Silk ties
  • Bow ties
  • Pocket squares
  • Cuff links
  • Leather belts
  • Tuxedo set
  • Stylish suspenders
  • Socks
  • Buttons
  • handkerchiefs 

Special Occasions

TML tailors also make bespoke garments for special occasions: white and black tie occasions, weddings, gala dinners, corporate events, wedding suits, tuxedos with silk lapels, morning suits and dinner jackets. TML has excellent garment solutions for all occasions satisfying the most discerning tastes.


Years of alteration experience has given TML tailors all the necessary skills and knowledge to alter your special garments into a perfect fit. From silk shirts to lace ball gowns TML tailors have all the essential dexterity to make your outfit a perfect fit for you.

At TML tailors we offer all types of alteration services at competitive prices. Alteration services enhance the fit and/or repair your clothes/suits. We provide alteration services for both men and women.

You can come to our studio without an appointment or book an appointment over the phone or via email. Moreover, currently we are working with reputed high street retailers and corporate organisations/accounts.